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About Us


MyIndiaTodayHolidays is a well established and well experienced mid-sized travel and tours company specialized in In-bound tourism, operating since 1987. With headquarters in New Delhi, Team MyIndiaTodayHolidays comprises of travel experts not only from India but five other nationalities. In addition to its energetic staff of over 125+, MyIndiaTodayHolidays also has a wide network of offices and partners all across the country to service our guests better.
The company offers to you a plethora of packages such as Himalayan hot spots, Deserts, Eco-tourism, Ayurvedic & Spa tours, Luxury train tours, Romantic and honeymoon destinations, Wildlife, Pilgrimages, Heritage and Culture and Exotic luxury tours.
MyIndiaTodayHolidays is focused on quick response time to your queries, complete guest satisfaction, an active member of National and International Trade Associations including IATA (International Air Transport Association), IATO (Indian Association of Tour Operators). MyIndiaTodayHolidays holds a Green Membership of ASTA (American Association of Travel Agents) and Government Of Indias Ministry of Tourism.
MyIndiaTodayHolidays Products and Services cover Fixed & Customized Large and Small Group Tours, Customized Tours for couples and families, Flight Bookings, Hotel Reservations, Train Tickets, Car & Bus Hire, Visa, Currency Exchange and Sightseeing & Guide Services. MyIndiaTodayHolidays also includes a medical Conferences and Medical Tourism Division.
MyIndiaTodayHolidays Founder and CEO is Samir Kalia, with strong cross industry linkages, he is one of the pioneers of the Indian e-commerce sector. MyIndiaTodayHolidays Director of Operations is ex Commodore Vijay Mohotra, former Chief Head of Indian Air Force Base in Leh, Ladakh.
As a New Age Travel organization MyIndiaTodayHolidays gets its customers online and through self owned call center and representatives abroad, along with word of mouth and references on and offline. MyIndiaTodayHolidayss Work Team comprises of around 100 members, Around 70 of them are across sales, fulfillment, technology, and online marketing, rest comprise the Companys support staff, its online team and customer care on the whole work round the clock. Apart from Indians, among its sales and marketing team are professionals from five other Global Nationalities.
Apart from its main website MyIndiaTodayHolidays has ten language sites in different countries with local marketing campaigns and more are being created that would eventually cover all major world languages. Native language speaking Team members from these markets ensure better communications, overcoming barriers of language and its nuances. Over all MyIndiaTodayHolidays Delhi Head Office has six different nationalities working and more would be joining as the markets expand.
Customer Fulfillment is done through MyIndiaTodayHolidays own Team and via nationwide network of associates & partners, most of whom have been dealing with the Company for over a decade. Overall, MyIndiaTodayHolidays has travel affiliates in over 50 cities across India.
MyIndiaTodayHolidays claims that regular large customer numbers, and long term relations with Hotel Chains, International & Domestic Airlines and other vendors, along with its self owned Fleet of Automobiles enables it to offer best value prices for accommodation, all modes of travel and other travel related services.
MyIndiaTodayHolidays provides planning, assistance and troubleshooting services, comprehensive end-to-end solutions and management focused on customers unique set of objectives.
Once in India, the Company guarantees that a Company representative is available to the traveler 24 X 7.
MyIndiaTodayHolidays claims to be the most Agent Friendly Travel Cos. in India, and offers them special prices through a separate team that liaisons with Tour Operators outside India for customized tours as per their specific needs. MyIndiaTodayHolidays foreign representatives also deal with fixed B2B contracting for foreign Tour Operatators.
Distribution Model
MyIndiaTodayHolidays focus is on the inbound to India market, and their Distribution Model aims to be an efficient and competitive sales channel directed to the consumer and retailer directly. Their business model thus takes advantage of the lowered cost of combining both the .com channel with a 24hours back office support.
They reach the overseas retailers and end customers directly through precisely chosen online channels and individual representations abroad. These representatives abroad cover markets which h are amongst the top ten markets for tourists to India, and others are emerging markets. Apart from increasing efficiencies, it also yields a pricing advantage, by disintermediation of the consolidators and wholesalers, empowering the Company with best discounts that can be offered to customers.
MyIndiaTodayHolidays was one of the first times for an Indian company to market fixed departures through Global B2C and B2B channels. The initial scaling up was done by focusing on B2C and increasing advertising on google, yahoo and other online mediums which has helped MyIndiaTodayHolidays grow its revenues 15 times over in the last 3 years. Their representations abroad are now taking this Business Model to the next stage, of establishing a fixed B2B network. Of the different representatives Lithuania and Spain are presently the most successful with our own. MyIndiaTodayHolidays is now aiming to replicate these models in 30 different markets abroad through similar representations, along with more regional language sites.